Triptych Transitions


To our treasured audience,

We, the Triptych Trio, would like to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for your support of our interdisciplinary project.  Over the past year, we have created 10 Triptychs uniting our 3 disciplines–illustration, music, and writing–as well as a hardcopy booklet and numerous behind-the-scenes posts.  This experience has helped us grow in our individual crafts and collaborative abilities, and we hope these stories have brought you as much enjoyment as we had in creating them.

In pursuing our artistic disciplines, we find ourselves transitioning into new and exciting projects beyond the scope of Triptych.  Due to this, we will no longer be posting new content on our site, but we will be preserving the blog as an archive of the project.  In that way, all the Triptychs and informative posts will remain there for your enjoyment.  Please feel free to email us directly to share your comments.  We always love to hear from you.  Also, we have a quick, 5-question survey about our project that you can fill out at your leisure.  As a reward for participating, anyone who completes the survey will receive free shipping* in the U.S. for our Triptych Book 1 (while supplies last)! Or, if you prefer to purchase one in-person, Candice will be selling the remaining booklets at the Downtown Redlands Art Walk on October 23 inside the Cope Building at 19 E Citrus Ave.!

Again, we want to thank you so much for your support and for coming along with us for the journey.  The encouragement has meant a lot to each of us.  We hope that you’ll continue to enjoy the work we’ve produced.  Thank you for being fans!

With love and gratitude,

The Triptych Trio

Candice, Holly, & Natalie

*the free shipping code will also allow a $2 discount for U.K. and Canada locations

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