Comic Conquering Part 1

Nothing can completely prepare you for a first time exhibiting at Comic Con San Diego, but I like to think one can try! There’s only about a week left and preparations are nearly complete. One item in my arsenal for the convention is a sampler of Triptych stories:


Also doubles as a makeshift cosplay.

The booklet has 3 of our completed triptychs, including Descendants of Twilight, The Fisherman’s Bride, and Servant of Anubis. In the back of the booklet is a QR code and link that allows you to access and download the music that accompanies those stories.


Guaranteed bird certified.

The process of forming the booklet involved deciding which stories to feature and then designing a format that suited them as a printed booklet. We picked a combination of our favorite stories along with stories that represented a variety of “moods”. The presentation is similar to the blog with the illustration presented first and then the story following.


Current technology for printed materials (on a tight budget) doesn’t quite allow us to press a button for the music and hear it play instantly, so unlike the blog, there will be one extra step in accessing the music. But with the prevalence of hand-held devices, we hope typing in the website link will be a quick step!

Speaking of printing, we printed these babies at an online printer called CatPrint. The quality is excellent and the price was very reasonable. They allow for very limited print runs, so you could even print a single copy if you wanted to make a portfolio booklet. And the best part: you get a free printed mock-up.


Designing the table of contents was especially fun. It wasn’t in the initial plan, but I was glad I heeded the advice of my wise friends. I got to play around with a repeating triangle motif that pops up throughout the booklet.

A love of storytelling is pretty universal among people who go to SDCC and other comic conventions. While my prints and other artwork-centered items may attract mainly art collectors and the occasional insect enthusiast, I think the booklet will appeal to a broader audience. It will be interesting to see what happens!

If we end up with extra booklets after the con and you are interested in buying one, you can get on our waiting list by emailing us at!

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